About US

Since its inception, ErgoVille.com has established itself as a leading manufacturer of ergonomic computer workstations, mobile carts, PC or laptop wall mounts and adjustable monitor arms. Located in the New York City area, our ergonomic products and solutions are used in the healthcare, education, government and business sectors. At ErgoVille.com, we strive to continually create new products and innovative ways to increase productivity while providing a safer and more comfortable workplace.

We human beings are amazingly adaptable. Practically speaking, even under the most adverse conditions, the job must somehow get done. We routinely adjust to the task, furniture and/or equipment that we have been given, however, there are costs associated with this adaptation. Many of the serious problems on the job fall under the categories of Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTD), or Repetitive Motion Injuries (RMI). These costly injuries are often a specific result of the body’s adaptation to a repetitive task or an inappropriate posture and their effects are widespread and often have long term consequences. By all accounts, there is a serious, quantifiable impact when ergonomic issues are not dealt with in the workplace. It is a rising cost that cannot be ignored, and good design is a valuable component of the solution.

Studies have shown that, at a minimum, poorly applied ergonomics can cause schedule delays, recurring discomfort, and a decrease in performance or output. At the extreme, the consequences can be permanent injury. Our mission is to build awareness of the importance and value of ergonomics as well as to offer the products that create a healthy workspace, prevent RMI and provide for worker comfort, while, at the same time, supporting your need for cost effective, productivity enhancing workplace solutions that are designed for the well-being of your enterprise.